Overhead Montlucon

This fligh sure is special so far. Although we didn’t really believe what the race officials said about the westher – they were right. The right decission to have the launch. We spend a very instable night, where we went through a lot of ballast.
Then in the morning the schock moment. Our parachute wouldn’t open. It was iced. When I finally ripped it open a whisteling noise staid, telling us, the we have a leak. So we went immediately into landing procedure. But when flying low in warmer air the noice disappeared. So most likely a chunk of ice caused the problem.
After that we ballasted to come above the clouds again and in order to have a better direction.
Now we are cruising in midd France flying towards the southwest.


Gordon-Bennett-Rennen 2012

Das Gordon-Bennett-Rennen 2012 startet diesen Samstag in der Schweiz, die Vorbereitungen laufen auf Hochtouren. Wir werden mit unserem Gasballon Stuttgarter Hofbräu teilnehmen, Tomas Hora und Volker Löschhorn werden ihn fahren, und werden von Götz Brachert, Anke da Silva, Petra Oberzig und Andreas Wehmann verfolgt. Und hier noch eine Spekulation mit Hilfe des amerikanischen Wetterdienstes NOAA, wohin die Fahrt gehen könnte: